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Welcome to Northern California's largest essential oil team of Wellness Advocates.

We are a team of the worlds fastest growing essential oil company of all time and actually the largest essential oil company in the world!

It is the largest and fastest growing because of the purity and effectiveness of the essential oils.

Whether you are looking to purchase essential oils or looking for a team to partner with and become part of the worlds fastest growing essential oil ccompany, you have come to the right sight.

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and have been in practice for 25 years. Doctors and scientists agree that drugs do not heal the body...the body heals the body. Sometimes our body needs a little help, but unfortunately drugs all have side effects. This is because drugs are synthetic. Many side effects are as bad as the disease they are treating. That is the beauty of essential oils. They have no side effects, are safe, cheap and many times more effective.


1. The purer the essential oil, the more therapeutic.

2. The higher the level of a specific chemical constituent from the plant the more therapeutic. That is why we source essential oils from all over the world where they have grown indiginously for thousands of years. The environment has made their chemical constituents STRONGER than otherwise.

3. They are safe, cheap and often times more effective than drugs.

4. Most drugs are patterned after plants! Pharmaceutical companys study plant materials and ancient history to discover new drugs!

5. I have discovered that essential oils are safer (no side effects), cheaper (pennies a drop), and many times quicker activing.

I flew out of state to the corporate headquarteres and toured their facility. I sat down with the owners and discussed their products and their mission statement. Their goal is to produce the most powerful, pure and effective essential oils in the world. And that is exactly what they have done and that is why more people are turning to their essential oils than any other company in the world. When it comes to the your health and that of your family, the best essential oil is the most important.

What does their purity mean to you?

Please review my site and contact me with any questions pertaining to essential oils and how you can successfully treat health conditions.

I give samples to those who contact me and are serious about improving their health naturally. Please go to my contact page and let me know of your health concerns.


Dr. Dahlin

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